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We are architects and craftsmen who started a whiskey company. We like things old and natural: wood, steel, people, buildings, landscapes, souls, or hell...any good story. We prefer analog over the digital, the simple over the complex, the slow over the frantic. We don't think we're alone - yearning for more long days in the saddle, on the porch, fishing a remote river, early morning adventures and long dinners with loved ones. We think whiskey and architecture are key and compatible ingredients to life. Our straight bourbon is single barrel with a unique story number leather band. Celebrate that experience, save the leather, remember that day, that moment, that smile, that conversation. Because for us there is nothing more valuable than your STORY.

Welcome to the Club.

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Leather is one of the natural products that only gets better with time. It darkens, it patinas, it softens, it gets grainier and more beautiful with more miles. Our favorite saddle, pair of gloves or old work boots are leather. We take great pride in owning these things not as new objects but as leathered and storied companions that have molded to us over much time. The leather strap of Lost Whiskey represents YOUR STORY. Each is imprinted with a unique Barrel # and Story #. No two are alike - keep this leather to remember that special moment, memory, or story of who, where and when you shared this bottle. Its a currency of time - to us nothing of which is more valuable. 


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Head Bourbon Guy

If you ever wanted to build a whiskey company you would build it around Nick. He’s the epitome of grit, of honesty, of loyalty of straight proof no bullshit character. Nick is in charge of every aspect of the bottle we hope you enjoy. He hand picks each barrel based on its quality and age, he touches every bottle, stamps every piece of letter and writes on every bottle that goes out the door. The reason our whiskey is so good is in direct proportion to Nick’s character.


Chief Executive Officer

I had the good fortune to grow up on a dude ranch on the northern end of the Jackson Hole Valley. For five generations our family has been dedicated to serving folks from all over the world. We were taught at a young age how to celebrate the adventures of the wild with all personalities; how to tell stories; how to break bread; how to embellish, how to create lasting relationships; How to create value from the kinship which is the natural by product of anygood adventure. The Lost Whiskey Club is the result of this story. 



At some point you need to add a little class to your organization. Zach is our award winning architect who is in charge of all aspects of our design. After spending a lifetime thinking and working toward what constitutes good design, Zach is the perfect fit to see how to best communicate this idea of the Lost Whiskey Club we are all so passionate about. We do this through good design, we do this through the skill and through the unique skillset of Zach. 

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